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Oliver Farm Equipment Company Advertising Collectibles!

In 1868 James Oliver received a patent that covered the important features of the chilled iron plow and in the following year, he was granted another patent that covered his unique chilling process. The small Oliver factory was incorporated and renamed as the South Bend Iron Works.

The South Bend Iron Works built a new foundry, warehouse and a machine shop. The factory, in addition to making plows, made parts for the Singer Sewing Machine Company and the Studebaker Manufacturing Company. In 1871 the factory sold 1,500 plows, three years later the company made and sold 17,000 plows. By 1874, Oliver's chilled plow orders had grown so much that he devoted full time to making the now very popular plow.

In 1901 the South Bend Iron Works was incorporated and the name was changed to the Oliver Chilled Plow Works. In 1908 James Oliver died and his son, Joseph Doty Oliver replaced him as president. In 1920s the Oliver company started to experiment with a tractor of their own. The first tractor they produced was called the Oliver Chilled Plow Tractor.

In the 1930's the Oliver Farm Equipment Company was formed from the Hart-Parr Tractor Works, Nichols and Shepard Company, Oliver Chilled Plow Works and the American Seeding Company. During WW11 Oliver was a large defense contractor but by the 1950s the company started a decline. The company was sold the White Motor Co. and the last Oliver Tractor was produced in 1976.

Oliver Tractor
What type of collectibles can you find in this category?

See below for hundreds of collectible items including thermometers, brass Stick Pins, Ads-Print, old Brochures, new and old Parts Catalogs, Cups, Mugs and Steins, Figures and Figurines, Hats and Caps, Lighting and Lamps, Lunch Boxes, New and Used Oliver Tractor Manuals, Ornaments, Pocket Knives, Signs and many other Oliver tractor items. For 100 to 200 Oliver Tractor collectibles.... Click Here!

Oliver Tractor Collectibles

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