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Agriculture Advertising Collectibles!

Your source for Advertising Agriculture Collectibles From Caterpillar to John Deere. A history of American Agriculture begins in the 17th and 18th century.

Oxen and horses were used for power with crude wooden plows. Spreading seeds was done by hand and so was cultivating with a hoe. Hay and grain cutting was done with a sickle and so was threshing.

By the mid 1800s McCormick reaper was patented, John Lane manufactured plows faced with steel saw blades and John Deere and Leonard Andrus begin manufacturing steel plows. It was at this time that the first practical threshing machine was patented.

Expanding markets for agricultural products and improved technology resulted in increases in farm production. By the late 1800s Cream separators, Horse-drawn combines and Steam tractors are tried out. The first gasoline tractor was built by inventor John Froelich.

In the early 1900s Agriculture becomes increasingly mechanized and commercialized. Big gas tractors introduced in areas of extensive farming and farm production gradually grows from expanded use of mechanized power. In the 1930s all purpose, rubber-tired tractors with complementary implements were popular. In the 1950s the number of tractors on farms exceeds the number horses and mules for the first time. By 2000 one American farmer supplies 100 plus persons with all the basic food supplies.

On eBay you can find old books, new books, magazine back issues and magazine subscriptions about agriculture, farming, agriculture and farming collectibles and Antique Tractors. The most popular collectible in this category are the advertising items made by the big tractor manufactures such as John Deere and Caterpillar. Check out what eBay has to offer.

Allis Chalmers Tractors

Case Antique Tractor
Jerome I. Case Tractors

Tractor Co.

Ford Motor Co. - Fordson Tractors

International Harvester, McCormick, Deering Antique Tractors

John Deere
Antique Tractors

Minneapolis Moline Tractor Power Implement Company

Oliver Farm Equipment Company

Seed Companies sell seeds for flowers, fruit and vegetables. Each seed company produces a catalogue and some of these seed companies have been producing them for many years and that makes them and the advertising items very collectible. Feed companies also produced some of these same old collectibles.

At eBay you can find vintage collectibles from Seed and Feed Stores or Feed Companies such as Burpee Seed Co., Dekalb, Henry Fields Seed Co., Funk Seed Co. and Purina Feed.

Producing collectible items such as Seed Catalogs, Bullet Pencils, Burlap Seed Sacks, Clocks, Old pocket and pen knives, Postcards, old and new Signs, Seed Packets, Thimbles and Thermometer just to name a few.

In eBay's Other Agricultural Items you can find interesting old collectibles that didn't fit in any of the above categories. This is the category where you just might find that old vintage Tractor Seat you have been looking for! Watch out the reproduction Tractor Seats!

This one is orginal! This one is not!

Advertising Agriculture
Advertising Agriculture

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