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Jack Daniel's Old No.7 Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey

Jack Daniel Collectibles

Jack Daniel's is a Tennessee whiskey distillery and brand known for its unique square bottles and black label, Old No.7 Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey. Their whiskey has stayed the same for more than 100 years. The company is based in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

Jack Daniel made his whiskey by a process call sour mash whiskey, a mash using only natural fermentation with no chemicals or other additives to induce fermenting.

Once the whiskey was made, it was filtered through nine to ten feet of sugar maple charcoal. This leeching process or filtering mellowed the whiskey and gave it a distinctive taste.

It is believed that Jasper Newton "Jack" Daniel was born in September 1846. Daniel was one of thirteen children, of Welsh descent. At the age of only twenty, jack build a still located at Cave Spring Hollow near Lynchburg, TN. and he was soon making 75 gallons of whiskey a day.

During the Civil War the Federal U.S. Government had started the regulation of all spirits. After the war every distiller was required to register with the government and pay a tax of two dollars on each gallon of whiskey produced, plus label became mandatory. From that time forward Jack Daniel labeled the barrels and jugs of the whiskey he made. The words "old" began showing up in references to his whiskey and his still. Barrels and jugs began to display the words "Old Time Distillery", "Old Time Sour Mash" and "Old No. 7".

By the late 1800s and early 1900s Jack Daniel began using embossed bottles and later a combination embossment and labels Some retailers capitalized on the growing fame of Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 and had embossed bottles produced with both names. One such retailer was W.T. & C.D. Gunter in Nashville. Jack Daniel later open two saloons in Lynchburg called the "White Rabbit Saloon and Red Dog Saloon.

In 1890 Jack Daniel decided to sell some of his whiskey under a new name. He called his new brand "Belle of Lincoln Straight Whiskey". It was discontinued shortly after his death.

Since Jack Daniel never married and did not have any children, he took his favorite nephew, Lem Motlow, under his wing. Lem had a head for numbers and was soon doing all the distillery's bookkeeping. In 1907, due to failing health, Jack Daniel gave the distillery to his nephew. Jack later died from blood poisoning in 1911.

Looking for a book about the history of Jack Daniel's distillery? Try A Tennessee Legend with a pictorial of old bottles and jugs by Pat Mitchmore. This book has lots of nice Jack Daniels bottle and jug color photo's. Published in 1992 so it may be out of print but available on eBay.

Jack Daniels Collectibles and Merchandise

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