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Gas and Oil Advertising Collectibles

The history of the Oil and Gas industry in North America began nearly simultaneously in Canada and the United States. In 1858 when James Miller Williams built the first successful oil well near Oil Springs and Petrolia Ontario, Canada. On August 28, 1859 George Bissell and Edwin L. Drake made the first successful use of a drilling rig at Titusville, Pennsylvania. The principal product of the oil was kerosene, which quickly replaced whale oil for illuminating purposes in the United States.

The Oil industry brings to market what is currently considered the lifeblood of nearly all other industry. Oil accounts for 40% of the United States energy supply. Over the years Oil companies were generally categorized as major and independents producers. Over these same years Oil companies also produced a large amount of advertising collectibles.

What type of advertising collectibles will you find in the Oil and Gas Collectibles categories? Ads-Print, Banks, Cans, Buckets, Cars, Patches, Trucks, Signs and much more!

Oil and Gas Advertising Collectibles

Oil and Gas
Advertising Collectibles
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