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Advertising Collectible Household Products

What type of vintage collectibles can you find in the Household category: manuals, colorful appliance ads, old recipe books, flyers etc. You can even find some of the old Appliances listed. So its possible to find that old vintage 1940's Maytag Wringer Washer just like Mom had.

Other items include Paint and Varnish advertising. Find early paint color charts, signs, rare unused can of Krylon spray paint. Items manufacturered by the National Lead Co. such as Dutch Boy products and advertising are very popular in this category.

Today, fat-based Soap have mostly been superseded by modern detergents. Collectibles here include mainly vintage unused soap and detergents of long ago and colorful ads. If you are interest in vintage household products check out Other Household Product category.

Appliances Collectibles and Soap Detergent Paint & Varnish Advertising

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