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Vintage Soda Water Advertising Collectibles

Browse a huge selection of advertising collectibles from company's like 7 UP, A&W, Canada Dry, Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper, Fountain, Hires Root Beer, Mountain Dew, Moxie, Orange Crush, Pepsi, Royal Crown, Nehi, Diet Rite, Schweppes and Squirt Plus mixed lots and other Soda brands.

Related Searches include signs, thermometers, coke machines, clocks, dispenser and Coca Cola. What type of Coke collectibles will you find here? Popular items include Signs, Bottles, Trays, Coolers, Clocks, Radios, Trucks, Cars, Print Ads, Glasses and even obsolete cans. For 1000s of Soda Collectibles.... Click Here!

Vintage Soda Water Advertising Collectibles

Soda vs. Pop vs. Coke

In the United States, "soft drink" commonly refers to cold, non-alcoholic beverages. Carbonated beverages are regionally known as "pop" in the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest. In the Northeast, parts of the South (near Florida) and Midwest (near St. Louis and eastern Wisconsin), and California, they are known as "soda". In much of the South, they are generically called "coke".

In some other areas these drinks are called "soda pop", while in and around Boston, Massachusetts, they are often called "tonic", particularly among older generations. In North Carolina, the terms "drink" and "soft drink" are commonly used along with "soda" and "coke" to refer to non-alcoholic cold drinks. Soda, Pop or Soft drinks are commonly sold in stores in bottles and cans. Sales earn a significant amount of money for the producers and distributors. Most famous name-brand soft drinks are produced and bottled by local or regional independent bottling companies.

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