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Flowing Hair and Draped Bust Dollars 1794 to 1804

The Flowing Hair Dollar were minted from 1794 and 1795 and are very rare in any condition. The Draped Bust Dollars were produced from 1795 to 1804 and only of the later years are affordable in lower grades.

The Gobrecht Dollars were minted from 1836 to 1839 are very rare and cost thousands of Dollars even in the lower grades. eBay doesn't even have a category for them they are so rare.

The Flowing Hair Dollar is slightly larger and heavier than U.S. silver dollars like the Morgan and Peace dollars. It’s believed that the Mint struck a total of 2,000 silver dollars in 1794 and 160,000 Flowing Hair dollars dated 1795.

1795 Flowing Hair Dollar      1795 Flowing Hair Dollar reverse

1795 Flowing Hair Dollar

1799 Draped Bust Dollar      1799 Draped Bust Dollar reverse

1799 Drapped Bust Dollar

The Draped Bust Dollars got the jump on half dollar, quarter, dime and half dime using the same Draped Bust portrait. It didn’t make its debut on the other four coins until 1796. During the six years that Draped Bust dollars were struck over 1.5 million coins were produced, all in the Philadelphia mint.

1836 Gobrecht Dollar      1836 Gobrecht Dollar reverse

1836 Gobrecht Dollar

Regular production of Gobrecht dollars began sometime in December of 1836. In 1836 1,000 coins were struck. The approximately 25 coins made in 1838 are considered to be patterns. Only 300 dollars were struck in 1839 with Gobrecht’s design, and all were intended for circulation.

Flowing Hair and Draped Bust Dollars 1794 to 1804

The best place to purchase these Early Dollars is at eBay. However be prepared to pay $500.00 to $1000.00 even for a coin in the lower grade.

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