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1948 to 1963 Franklin Half Dollars

The Franklin Half Dollar made its debut in 1948. Its introduction completed the conversion of U.S. coin designs to portraits of famous Americans.

The Franklin half dollar was designed by John R. Sinnock, the Mint’s chief sculptor-engraver. Sinnock’s portrait of Franklin, was modeled after a bust by 18th-century sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon.

The Liberty Bell on the reverse made sense as a complement to Franklin, since both have become closely identified not only with the nation’s birth but also with the city of Philadelphia.

Although Franklin half dollar mintages were modest by modern-day standards, the series contains no issues that are particularly rare. Total mintage for the series, including proofs, was almost 498 million coins. Because they are so plentiful, in circulated condition most Franklin halves bring little or no premium above their bullion value.

1963 Franklin Half Dollar      1963 Franklin Half Dollar reverse

1963 Franklin Half Dollar

A full set of Franklin halves consists of 35 different strikes and 14 different proofs. Because it is so compact and easily affordable in less-than-pristine grades, the series is widely collected by date and mint.

The best place to purchase Franklin Half Dollar is at eBay. You can assemble a complete set in average condition for about $300.00. Buy your Franklin Half Dollars in Mixed Lots, rolls or groups of 10 to 20 and save.

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