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1837 to 1891 Seated Liberty Dimes

The Seated Liberty Dime resulted from the teamwork of two highly talented men, Thomas Sully, who designed it, and Mint engraver Christian Gobrecht. This beautiful coin depicts a seated figure of Liberty with her right hand resting upon a shield and her left hand grasping a pole topped by a Liberty cap. The Liberty Cap was a symbols of preparedness and freedom.

On the reverse, the inscription ONE DIME appeared within a wreath, and that in turn was encircled by UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. There were several minor variants during the period. The initial design had no stars on the obverse. Thirteen stars, symbolizing the 13 original states, were added to the perimeter of the obverse in 1838.

1838 Seated Liberty Dime      1838 Seated Liberty Dime reverse

1838-O Seated Liberty Dime

These were replaced with the legend "United States of America" in mid-1860. At the same time, the laurel wreath on the reverse was changed to a wreath of corn, wheat, maple, and oak leaves and expanded nearly to the rim of the coin, since the legend had been moved to the obverse. This design continued through the end of the series in 1891.

1887 Seated Liberty Dime 1887 Seated Liberty Dime reverse

1887 Seated Liberty Dime

The best place to purchase Seated Liberty Dimes is at eBay. Most of these coins are expensive in the better grades and rare years especially the early years of issue. However, if you just want one or two for your collection look for Seated Liberty Dimes in the grades of about good, good and very good or better. You should be able to find many nice specimens for your collection in the $20.00 or less range.

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