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Seated Liberty - Liberty Seated Dollars 1840 to 1873

The Seated Liberty Dollar was produced by the United States Mint from 1840 to 1873.

The great portrait painter Thomas Sully made sketches for the seated Liberty and Christian Gobrecht adapted the Sully sketches to art suitable for coinage.

The result was the Seated Liberty design used at one time or another on half dimes, dimes, 20-cent pieces, quarters and half dollars from 1836 through 1891.

Mintages were generally small for the Seated Liberty Dollar without a motto, totaling only 2,895,673 coins for the series.

The Philadelphia Mint (no mintmark) struck all dates from 1840 to 1865 inclusive; New Orleans (O), struck dollars dated 1846, 1850, 1859 and 1860; the San Francisco Mint (S), struck this type dollar only in 1859. Mintmarks are located under the olive branch, between the eagle’s feet on the reverse. Assembling a complete date and mint set in lower circulated grades is within reason, given patience, perseverance and money.

1851 Seated Liberty Dollar      1851 Liberty Seated Dollar reverse

1851 Seated Liberty - Liberty Seated Dollar without motto

1866 Seated Liberty Dollar      1866 Liberty Seated Dollar reverse

1866 Seated Liberty - Liberty Seated Dollar with Motto
In God We Trust

Seated Liberty - Liberty Seated Dollars 1840 to 1873

Although Liberty Seated With Motto dollar mintages were small, the coins were well used by the public. This accounts for the small number of uncirculated pieces that exist. Only about 3.6 million pieces were minted for circulation. The majority were made at the Philadelphia Mint with only two branch mints producing the With Motto type. Numismatists generally collect this coin as a type, because it is difficult to find affordable examples of many dates in this series.

The best place to purchase Seated Liberty Dollar is at eBay. Most of these coins are expensive in the better grades and rare years especially the early years of issue. However, if you just want one or two for your collection look for Seated Liberty Dollars in the grades of good, very good or better. You should be able to find a nice specimens for your collection in the $100.00 or less range.

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