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U.S. Coin Grading

Words Standing For Money

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Confederate Currency
Confederate Notes

U.S. Coin Collecting Supplies

Token and Coin Holders
A multitude of choices are available when it comes to coin holders. This includes Envelopes, Fold & Staple Holders as well as the popular Coin Flips. For more valuable Tokens and coins you might consider some of the higher priced plastic holders which are available for single coins and sets. Keep this in mind when making your choices: Low-value tokens and coins can be put into inexpensive coin envelopes or tubes. Higher-valued coins should be housed in premium holders that will give them a higher degree of protection from handling and possible environmental damage.

Token and Coin Pages
Coin Pages are Vinyl pages for the 2" x 2", mini and crown size Fold & Staple Holders as well as Coin Album refill or replacement pages. The Vinyl Pages, in addition to being great for the fold and staple coin holders, are also available for storing currency, photographs and documents. Vinyl pages can also be used to hold: tokens, 2" x 2" slides, medals, post cards, bottle caps, buttons, badges, match books, or just about any small collectible. All types of vinyl pages fit the standard 3 ring binder and make a showcase for the items you so proudly want to display.

Token and Coin Software
Looking for a simplified way to inventory and track the value of your collection? Check out eBay's excellent selection of Inventory Management Software for U.S. coins and currency or tokens.

Coin Albums
Although considerably higher in price than your basic Coin Folders, Coin Albums are the Deluxe way to go when building a coin series. Coin albums offer you a greater degree of protection for your higher priced coins.

Coin Books
Coins and Currency are more than just dates, grades and types. There is a great history in numismatics! To gain a greater appreciation, a few good reference books are a must. eBay features some of the most popular references available. Books for both the beginner and experienced collector to give you that needed information enhancing your knowledge and collecting experience. Check out eBay's selection of Numismatic Literature for Grading Books, Price Guides as well as specialized works.

Coin Storage Boxes
Coin storage boxes are an ideal way to store and organize your coins once you have them in coin holders. We also have Storage Boxes for Certified Coins and Roll storage boxes to protect those new Statehood quarter rolls.

Coin Folders
Coin Folders, or sometimes refereed to as Coin Boards by the old time collectors, are by far the most economical way to assemble a series of coins into a set. Coin Folders are great for youngsters as well as beginners just starting to collect coins.

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