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1864 to 1873 Two-Cent Pieces

The two-cent coin was produced in the United States from 1864-1873. The two-cent piece was made of 95% copper with tin and zinc and was very slightly smaller than a modern U.S. quarter. The two-cent piece was designed by James B. Longacre, the Chief Engraver of the United States Mint and was the first coin of the United States to bear the national motto In God We Trust.

The obverse has a shield with a ribbon over it bearing the motto, IN GOD WE TRUST and the date. Behind the shield are two arrows, and a olive branch with leaves.

The reverse has a wreath made up of several different plant components surrounding the words 2 CENTS. The words UNITED STATES OF AMERICA surround the wreath. The design is similar to the shield nickel of the same period.

Two cent pieces were minted in both proof and regular issues. Although the proof mintages were normally smaller than the regular issue mintages, more proofs of high grade survive as they were always special collector coins.

2 Cent Piece Two Cent Piece

1864 2 Cent Piece

1864 2 cent piece 1864 two-cent piece

This 1864 Two Cent Piece recently sold on eBay for only $21.50

The two cent piece was authorized by Congress on April 22, 1864. The same law that eliminated the coins in 1873 also did away with the half dime and the silver three-cent piece. While all two-cent pieces are of the same type, many die varieties exist.

The best place to purchase 2 Cent Pieces is at eBay. Most of these coins are very expensive in the better grades and rare years. However, if you just want one or two for your collection look for 2 cent pieces dated from about 1865 to 1871 in the lower grades of about good, good or very good. You should be able to find a specimen for your collection in the $10.00 to $25.00 range.

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