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1916 to 1947 Walking Liberty Half Dollars

The Walking Liberty Half Dollars was designed by Adolph A. Weinman. Production began in 1916 and was replaced by the Franklin Half Dollar in 1948.

For the obverse design, Weinman chose a full-length figure of Liberty striding toward the dawn of a new day, clad in the Stars and Stripes and carrying branches of laurel and oak symbolizing civil and military glory. The reverse depicts a majestic eagle perched on a mountain crag, wings unfolded in a pose suggesting power, with a sapling of mountain pine—symbolic of America—springing from a rift in the rock.

Over 485 million Walking Liberty halves were made between 1916 and 1947, but they were issued only intermittently during the 1920s and early 1930s, none being minted in 1922, 1924-26 and 1930-32.

These were coins had substantial buying power, enough to buy a loaf of bread, a quart of milk and a dozen eggs in the early 1930s, so it didn’t take huge quantities to fill Americans’ needs, especially after the Wall Street crash plunged the nation into the Great depression.

1919 Walking Liberty Half Dollar      1892 Walking Liberty Half Dollar reverse

1919 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Walkers, as they’re frequently called, are large, precious-metal coins with a much-admired design. The best place to purchase Walking Liberty Half Dollars is at eBay. Most of these coins are expensive in the better grades and rare years especially the early years of issue. However, if you just want one or two for your collection look for Walking Liberty Half Dollars in the grades of very good or better. You should be able to find many nice specimens for your collection in the $10.00 or less range. Higher grade can be purchased for less than $25.00. Buy them in Mixed Lots, rolls or groups of 10 to 20 and save.

1943 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Mixed lot of Walking Liberty Half Dollar

1943 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

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