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Fantasy Mythical and Magic - Fairy and Fairy Tale Collectibles

A fairy is a supernatural being that is found in the folklore, legends and mythology of many different countries. They are generally human in their appearance and have mystical abilities such as the ability to cast spells, fly and to manipulate or predict the future. They are often depicted as young females of small stature with wings. The small fairies that are commonly depicted today did not appear until the 1800s.

Fairy and Fairy Tale, in folklore, lived in an imaginary region called fairyland. The term fairy is also loosely applied to such beings as brownies, gnomes, elves, nixies, goblins, trolls, dwarfs, pixies, kobolds, banshees, sylphs, sprites, and undines.

Fantasy Mythical and Magic - Fairy and Fairy Tales


Fairy and Fairy Tale Collectibles

Candles and Candle Holders   Cards   Figures  

Goblets, Glasses and Mugs   Jewelry & Music Boxes

 Prints and Posters   Stickers   Other Fairy and Fairy Tale Items


The belief in fairies is universal trait of early folk culture. Folklore fairies are generally considered beneficent toward humans. They are sensitive and unpredictable and often inclined to play pranks. Bad fairies are thought to be responsible for such misfortunes as the bewitching of children, ugly babies and the sudden death of cattle.

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