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Mont Blanc Fountain Pens

Mont Blanc Fountain Pens was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1908 as the Simplo Filler Pen Company. It sold models called the Simplo, Rouge et Noire and Diplomat. These were eyedropper filled or safety models made of black or red hard rubber. The tip of the cap was red or white.

The Name Montblanc was first used in 1911 and the cap tip was made in white only. A few years later came the six pointed star which turned out to be the company's distinctive insignia.

In 1924, production was divided into several lines of different quality.

The top of the line was called the Masterpiece and had a gold and platinum nib engraved with the number 4810. The Masterpiece has been produced without interruption down to the present day with very little change in its design. mont blanc 26 fountain pen, mont blanc meisterstck 149 fountain pen, nib size for mont blanc meisterstck 149 fountain pen, buy mont blanc fountain pen, mont blanc fountain pen refills, mont blanc meisterstuck fountain pen, mont blanc skeleton fountain pen, blanc fountain mont pen replica.

Montblanc Fountain Pens:
  • Limited Editions
  • Bohème Sterling Collection
  • Carbon Steel Collection
  • StarWalker Doué Collection
  • Bohème Stainless Collection Bohème Citrine Collection
  • Bohème Doué Collection
  • Doué Signum Collection
  • StarWalker Collection
  • Bohème Platinum Collection
  • Greta Garbo Collection
  • Citrine Collection
  • Special Editions Collection
  • 100 Year Collection
  • Solitaire Sterling Fiber Gilloche Collection
  • Bohème Lacquer Pearl Collection
  • Bohème Gold Plate Collection
  • Solitaire Black Stripe Collection
  • Stainless II Collection
  • Bohème Jewels Collection
  • Scenium Collection
  • Bohème Collection
  • Sterling Silver Collection
  • Doué Sterling & Black Collection
  • Doué Gold-Plate & Black Collection
  • Platinum Collection
  • Meisterstuck Collection
Montblanc Fountain Pen

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