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Parker Fountain Pens

George Safford Parker develops his first pen and patents it on December 10, 1889.

Two years later, he partners with William Palmer, an insurance broker, to gain access to necessary funding. William Palmer's initial investment is only $1,000. So in 1892, the Parker Pen Company is incorporated.

Patented on December 4, 1894, the Lucky Curve serves as the foundation for the Parker Pen Company's first significant success. The Parker Fountain Pen name becomes recognized as a major player in the growing pen industry.

The Lucky Curve, an essential Parker innovation in the late 19th century, is designed to solve a vexing problem: keeping ink on paper and off people. Pens of that era retain ink in the feed tube. As the ink is warmed by the user's body temperature, it expands, forcing ink to the point of the pen. When the pen cap is removed, the excess ink invariably results in soiled fingers. The Parker Lucky Curve eliminates this problem through its capillary attraction, which completely drains the ink from the feed tube.

During America's rapid-growth years of the early twentieth century, pens take on new definition. No longer merely instruments of utility, they become a signature for personal style. Between 1900 and 1915, Parker creates a number of truly stunning pens. With these improvements and emerging new products, the Parker business expands.

In 1918 annual sales of the Parker Pen Company top $1 million for the first time. In 1921, the company introduces its most innovative and important launch to date, the Duofold. Perhaps more than any other Parker product, Duofold sets the stage for the company's success. Today, Parker continues to stand behind the quality of its writing instruments by offering a lifetime guarantee.

New Parker Fountain Pens:
  • Parker Limited Editions
  • Latitude Collection
  • Duofold Check Collection
  • Lifestyle Collection
  • Insignia Collection
  • Jotter Jubilee Collection
  • 100 Collection
  • 51 Collection
  • Duofold Collection
  • Sonnet Collection
Parker Duofold Check Collection

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