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Pelikan Fountain Pens

The Pelikan Fountain Pen trademark was registered in Hanover, Germany in 1878 by Gunther Wagner. Wagner was a manufacturer of inks and paints.

However, it wasn't until 1929 that Pelikan patented and produced it's first fountain pen.

The No. 100 was an attractive, innovative pen with a plunger mechanism, a partially see through barrel and a special conal ink feed and a gold nib. This pen would serve as the basic model for all Pelikan pens for more than thirty years. Almost all had a green barrel and a black cap.

In 1931, two gold plated bands were added to the cap. In 1932 Pelikan introduced the No.110 and in 1934 came the Pelikan No. 111 T. The rare, famous and highly prized Toledo decorated with elegant pelican motif came next.

In 1935, the company introduced new barrel colors, tortoiseshell, gray marble and lizard green. The 100N produced starting in 1938 had a larger barrel and nib plus various modifications in its mechanism. The No.400, No.500, No.600 and No.700 have all been modern versions of the Pelican fountain pen No.100.

New Pelikan Fountain Pens:
  • Pelikan Limited Editions
  • Piccadilly Circus Collection
  • Souveran 200 Transparent Collection
  • New Limited Editions Collection
  • Epoch Collection
  • Souveran 450 Collection
  • Souveran 625 Collection
  • Souveran 215 Collection
  • Souveran 1000 Collection
  • Souveran 800 Collection
  • Souveran 600 Collection
  • Souveran 400 Collection
  • Souveran 200 Collection
Cross Apogee

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