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Sheaffer Fountain Pens

Walter A. Sheaffer was a jeweler from Fort Madison Iowa.

He was a passionate fountain pens enthusiast and designed and patent the side lever filling mechanism in 1907. By 1912 Sheaffer began producing pens on his own using his own simple reliable patent. His pens were an immediate hit and soon became widely known.

In 1920 Sheaffer manufactured the Lifetime series fountain pen. He guaranteed this fountain pen for life against any kind of mishap. This pen became one of the most important status symbols of its day.

In 1934 Sheaffer introduced a plunger filling system that elimined the rubber sac. This pen called the tubular Triumph nib dates from 1942. In 1952 saw the introduction of the Snorkel system which was used until 1960. Sheaffer then produced the first "Pen for Men" a large fountain pen made in the 1960s. Sheaffer's style and performance available in many affordable packages.

Sheaffer Fountain Pens:
  • Sheaffer Limited Editions
  • Agio Collection
  • Valor Collection
  • Heritage Collection
  • Agio Fashion Collection
  • Prelude Chameleon Collection
  • MPI Collection
  • Victorian Heritage Collection
  • Prelude Collection
Cross Apogee

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