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Lewis E. Waterman Fountain Pens

The story of the founding of the leading maker of fountain pens in the United States and perhaps in the world begins in 1883.

When Lewis E. Waterman lost a important contract, due to a leaking fountain pen, he creates the "Regulator". The Regulator was the forefather of the modern fountain pen. The results of his efforts was the Ideal Pen Company founded in New York in 1884.

However, in 1888 the company was renamed L.E. Waterman Company. The company was a big sucess, by 1901 Waterman was selling a thousand pens a day. By the 1920s, the golden age of fountain pens, the company was selling millions of pens a year.

Early production focused on hard rubber pens with precious metal overlays of gold, silver and gold filled. In 1923, the Ripple series was produced made of marble patterned hard rubber in a wide variety of colors and sizes. In 1929 came the Patrician, the first celluloid pen, with its companion Lady Patrician and the popular No. 94 lines. In the late 1930s the "Ink Vue" and "Hundred Year" came out.

Waterman Fountain Pens:
  • Waterman Limited Editions
  • Harmonie Collection
  • Charleston Collection
  • Ici Et La Collection
  • Exception Collection
  • Edson Collection
  • Serenite Collection
  • Liaison Collection
  • Carene Deluxe Collection
  • Carene Collection
  • Expert Collection
  • Hemisphere Collection
  • Phileas Collection
Waterman Phileas Collection

In the 1950s a declining market for fountain pens forced Waterman to slow production. However the company is coming back with new products and beautiful fountain pens. Waterman philas fountain pen, antique Waterman fountain pen, Waterman fountain pen uk, Waterman fountain pen old, Waterman Edson fountain pen, Waterman fountain pen company, audace Waterman fountain pen, phileas fountain pen, fountain Waterman carene pen reviews.

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