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Pencils-Bullet Pencils and Mechanical Pencils

A pencil is a hand held instrument containing a material that is used to write and draw, usually on paper. The marking material is most commonly graphite, typically contained inside a wooden sheath. Pencils may also have an eraser attached to one end. Some people collect for example pencils that have an eraser on both ends, or pencils with a novelty item on one end put on by the advertisers. Buy novelty pencil on eBay, novelty pencil sharpener.

Pencils were first manufactured in 1564. Most pencils are Hexagonal in shape. Round pencils are also manufactured, and often have either designs or messages for promoting businesses, causes, organizations, or services on the outside. Other types of include carpenter pencils, bullet pencils, golf pencils and mechanical pencils.

The most popular type of collectible pencil is the Bullet Pencil. Bullet pencils, also called pencil holders, look like a rifle cartridge. The "bullet" is hollow so a golf pencil-sized pencil can be stuck in it. To use as this pencil, the bullet is pulled out of its casing and stuck back in the opposite way creating a pencil that is normal sized. Most of these pencils have advertising on them and very collectible. Antique bullet pencils, brass bullet pencil sharpener, alvin brass bullet pencil sharpener, bullet pencil collections.

Bullet Pencil

Vintage Advertising Bullet Pencil

A carpenter pencil is made with a flat design is so it won't roll off of whatever it is set on. It also has a much thicker lead for writing on ruff surfaces such as lumber. Advertising Carpenter pencils are very collectible. Wholesale carpenter pencils, personalized carpenter pencils, custom carpenter pencils, red lead carpenter pencils, why are carpenter pencils flat.

Golf pencils are short, stubby little pencils given out on the range to write down a score in a game of golf or putt-putt. These pencils are usually cheaper than the longer regular school pencils. Buy golf pencils on ebay, production times for golf pencils, imprint golf pencils, pink golf pencils, custom golf pencils, golf and pew pencils, personalized golf pencils, golf wedding pencils, wedding golf pencils.

A mechanical pencil is a pencil containing an internal mechanism which pushes or propels the thin graphite lead through the tip. Most models also have a rubber eraser on the end. These pencils are very collectible as they usually have advertising printed on them and can be purchased reasonably. Clutch mechanical pencil, pentel mechanical pencil, scripto mechanical pencil, mechanical pencil history, mechanical pencil lead, best mechanical pencil, parker mechanical pencil, sensa mechanical pencil, rotring mechanical pencil.

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