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Transportation Collectibles - Automobilia

Along with the hobby of collecting old automobiles Americans are also collecting Automobilia. Automobilia is mementos of early American Automobiles or early motor cars from other countries. Popular Automobilia included items such as club badges, license plates, hubcaps, name plates, horns, brass lamps and radiator caps. Automobilia extends to a host of other kinds of material relating to automobiles including photographs, advertisement brochures, catalogues and books. With such as large field to choose from many collectors specialize in one or two items and nothing else. Other collectors cover a broad field covering almost every area of old automobile memorabilia.

Radiator Caps
Unique and Rare Radiator Caps

Before radiators were hidden under the hood and by the grille, radiators were a work of art. On the left above is a Pontiac Indian head that was on top of a late 1920s Pontiac automobile. Next is a 1917 Simplex automobile Moto-Meter used to tell radiator fluid temperature and a beautiful brass radiator accessory sold for any automobile. Last is a radiator cap issued by a popular auto club in the 1920s.

Bulb Horn
Early 1900 Bulb Horn

Old Bulb Horns are among the more popular collectibles because they are such handsome objects and make interesting noises. After World War I most of horns were electric and are very rare today. Perhaps the most unusual bulb horn is the Testaphone. It sounded several notes each separately controlled and could be made to play a tune.

Radiator Emblems
Early 1900 Radiator Emblems

Probably the most interesting items to all collectors of automobilia are those that identify the automobiles make or model. The most obvious is the early brass name plates and radiator emblems. The radiator emblems were affixed to the radiator or on the radiator shell. Name plates were usually mounted on the automobile fire wall.

Haynes Hub Cap Dort Hub Cap Waverly Hub Cap
Early 1900 Hub Caps

Three vintage hub caps from the early 1900s when only the wheel hub was covered. The Haynes-Apperson Co. Kokomo, IN 1898-1904 and The Haynes Automobile Co. Kokomo, IN 1905-1925. The Dort Motor Car Co. Flint, MI 1915-1924. The Waverley Co. Indianapolis, IN 1909-1916.

AAA Badge   Employee Badge   Chauffeurs Badge
American Automobile Association (AAA), Employee and Chauffeurs Badges

American Automobile Association (AAA), Employee and Chauffeurs Badges are very collectible. Chauffeurs Badges are the most popular and were used from 1909 to 1928. Employee badges should be very plentiful as they were used by all the automobile manufacturers. Don't be surprised to find AAA badges mounted on old automobiles.

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